An outstanding cylco-sportive on the legendary Le Mans circuit!

CGO agency has been specialized in event management since 1995 and organizes now a team endurance cyclo-sportive in partnership with Le Mans Sarthe Vélo (MSV) cycling association and with the support of the French Cycling Federation (FFC).

The 20th and 21st of August, a maximum of 550 teams (2500 Riders) are expected to come from all parts of France and other foreign countries to compete on the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit.

Presentation portffolio and race rules available in the "Download" section.


The race is open to all bicycle users (triathlete, cyclist, ultra cyclist, members or not of a Cycling Federation,...) according to the chosen category. You can compete as a single competitor, a pair or teams of 4, 6 or 8 riders. Contestants need to be at least 18 on the day of the event and are categorised as follow:

- SINGLE (1C*) :1 Man or1 Woman

- PAIR (2C) : 2 Men or 1 Man and 1 Woman

- PRESTIGE (4C) : 4 Men or 4 Women

- COMPETITOR (6C) : 6 Men or 6 Women or Mixed (2 Women minimum)

- LEISURE (8C) : 8 Men or 8 Women or Mixed (3 Women minimum)

(* contestant number per team)

A general ranking and a ranking by category, set according to the longest distance riden, will be established. Teams not listed in a category as mentioned above will compete in the general ranking only.


Registrations will open by the beginning of December. Registration fees depend on the number of contestants and on when registration is completed.


Price per team
(-9% before February 29th, 2016)*

Price per team
(After February the 29th)

SINGLE 275€ 300€
PAIR 440€ 480€
PRESTIGE 660€ 720€
COMPETITOR 770€ 840€
LEISURE 880€ 960€
*SPECIAL RATE: 9% discount for a team registration made before February 29th, 2016

Aug. 2016
Circuit Bugatti