General information

  1. No registration on the venue on the day of the race.

  2. The registration is made by the team representative (contact person with race organizer).

  3. Team registration is completed once registration form is received by the race organizer.

  4. Team competitors' names are to be submitted to the organizer before the end of registrations.

  5. All the foreign contestants will provide a medical certificate with no contraindicating for cycling competition on the day of the race (not older than 1 year)

  6. No medical certificate will be issued on the day of the race.

  7. Access to "Houx" campsite within the circuit facilities is included in your registration package (from Friday 10am until Monday 12am)


  1. Medical staff on the track

  2. Official Bugatti-circuit CCTV (Video monitoring) system

  3. Track marshals (fixed and motorized)

  4. Mandatory briefing

Technical rules

1. Authorized bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

2. Non-authorized bikes: Time trial bikes, fixed gear bikes, folding bikes (bromptons, dahon curveb...), handbikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes and custom bikes.

3. Bikes must fulfill the following safety norms.

- Handlebar: bar-end plugs and stuffed stem

- No prominent part

4. Bar-end extentions and triathlon handlebars are unauthorized.

5. Various bike types are allowed in a same team (mountains bike, road bike or hybrid).

6. Possible to park bikes in the competitors’ Working Paddock (lock recommended).

7. It is mandatory to wear a helmet: complying with EU norms and fastened

Aug. 2016
Circuit Bugatti