24 Hours of emotions riding the Le Mans track

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August 2020
24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans
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Sprint victory and lap record for Socopa

The weekend‘s heat did not have spared the 2574 riders gathered on the Le Mans circuit, for the 11th edition of the Shimano 24 Hours Cycling.

Coming from all over France and some fifteen countries, several personalities were also on the track, including Sandy Casar (National Police) who gave the start, Jérémy Roy (Shimano France), Jérôme Coppel (Coppel Cycling Club), Sébastien Hinault (Je double, je m’écarte), or even Loïc Chetout (Cofidis), the first pro rider still in activity to participate in the event.

For the overall victory, Rémy Gras of the Socopa 1 team (Benoit Sinner, Cyrile Saillard, Rémy Gras, Antonin Clay and Emeric Choisy), finally won the sprint in front of the S1neo Connect rider. Second of the last two editions, Ludovic Bienaimé‘s group put his name on the list of the event after ten participations. “Rémy had big cramps a few laps from the finish […] We played bluff by putting big gear down the Dunlop that we went up out of the saddle to impress our opponents,” said Guillaume Thévenot, member of the second Socopa team, charged to lead Gras over the line.

From the beginning of the race, we found favorites at the forefront for a 24 hours fight.  After several victories on the Shimano 24 Hours Cycling, S1neo Connect was the first to attack, having up to a lap ahead after a big collective work. Sarto Endurance‘s Dutchmen completed the podium, in front of Distinxion Alençon.

Beside of the final victory and a new distance record for Socopa (249 laps against 245 in 2018), Emeric Choisy achieved the fastest lap since the creation of the event in 5’08”733, an average of 30.38mi/h.

In the “solo” category, Nicolas Ferre also won the sprint with 219 laps (569mi and 96th overall), and the Spanish Maria-José Silvestre made the difference for women with 152 laps (395mi and 463rd overall). The first 100% Women’s Bike Paradise Women’s Community (BPWC) ranked 160th overall with 543 miles (209 laps).

SAVE THE DATE: The 2020 Shimano 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans will take place the 22nd and 23th of August and registrations will open at the end of the year. Stay tuned…

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