24 Hours of emotions riding the Le Mans track

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27 - 28
August 2022
24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans
Before the 2022
for the 2021 edition
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Who are we?


CGO Événement

CGO Agency is involved in the event management industry since 1995 : VIP facilities at the automobile 24-hour Race of Le Mans, seminars, conventions, incentive trips…. Our taste for sports – all of them and especially cycling- naturally led us to designing the « 24 Heures Vélo au Mans » cyclosportiv race. Long live the ŠKODA 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans!


Sport director of a professional cycling team and Patron of « 24 Heures Vélo »

What a great idea to organise the « 24 Heures Vélo » on the Bugatti Circuit! Cycling is nowadays in a booming phase and will be even more in the future. Ecology, environment, pollution, wellness and health are strong and critical concepts nowadays. In the same way challenge is another crucial concept in the modern society of ours whose foundations have been shaken. As a matter of fact, CGO now offers us a new challenge to be experienced on one’s own or as a team: « 24 Heures Vélo ŠKODA » race. This event should become a major and renowned large-audience competition such as “l’Etape du Tour” or as why not … New York City Marathon.

No matter what, this race has to become a yearly meeting event for all kinds of bike riders: 24 hours of friendship, conviviality and sports in a unique and legendary world-famous venue.

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