24 Hours of emotions riding the Le Mans track

24 - 25
August 2024
24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans
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Frequent Asked Question

Find here the answers to the most frequent asked questions. You may download the Le Mans Škoda 24 Hours Cycling Rules for further information.



Minor participants
The Le Mans Škoda 24 Hours Cycling is opened to concurent being at least 18 years old on the year of the event (no exception).

The participants being 18 years old in the current year will have to present a certified parental authorisation. (you must contact us to obtain the parental authorisation form)

Your teammates
Teammates’ names can be submitted on our website until the registration closing day. However, before the closing date of registrations mentioned above, the names, first names and dates of birth of all the riders of the team must be completed, and medical certificates or licenses in dematerialized format must be downloaded. via “My account“. Otherwise, the registration file is considered “incomplete” and the team is not authorized to take the start. Otherwise, the registration file will be considered as “incomplete” and the team will be
allowed to pick up their numbers only on Saturday morning. All the fields requested on the registration form
must be completed.
Medical certificate
Non-members of French federation must show an original medical certificate stating no contraindication to competition cycling . The certificate has to be made less than one year prior to the race. The team representative will have to download compulsory his/her riders’medical certificates via “My account“, before the closing of registrations. No certificate will be delivered on the venue the day of the race.
Pit sharing with other teams
If you are willing to share your pit with a precise team, please complete the “Pit sharing” section via “My account” and we will do everything we can to gather you.

Your stand is a waiting area before your relay and not a place to live for the whole team. Please respect eachother.




Track access for Visitors
Entrance is free for the visitors starting from Saturday 8:00am. NEW: the visitor car park will be accessible from avenue du Panorama (“Parking Rouge”) and pedestrian access will be via the Panorama entrance.

To avoid any risk of accident with a cyclist, animals are only allowed in the Houx campsite area, even on a leash.




Track access for Contestant and staffs members
Access to the circuit is allowed from the Friday: follow the Le Mans Škoda 24 Hours Cycling signs. The schedule will be communicated by email after the closing of registrations.

Contestants and staff members will access there by the “Entrée concurrent” (Houx campsite entrance) only on presentation of a well fixed bracelet they’ll have to show at control. GPS coordinates: Lat 47.952484 x Lon 0.21919.

In case of loss of bracelets or access materials, no reissue will be possible.

Starting Grid & Race Schedule
The starting grid will be set according to the number of competitors in a team, then to the team’s number: 4-riders on the first line, followed by 6-rider teams and 8-rider teams, then 2-riders team and solo riders. Make sure you respect the starting order, under penalty.

The “Le Mans Style” start is scheduled Saturday at 3pm with the rider on one side of the track and his bike hold by a teammate on the other.

For safety reasons it is forbidden for the teammate to push and bring the bike to the rider. The bike must remain stationary against the wall, under penalty for the Team.

Under specific circumstances (especially weather related) the organiser has a right to postpone start time and/or bring forward finish time. The announcement will be made at the microphone. 

Food supplies
We advise you to bring your own supplies considering that the race last 24 hours. Think about sodium pastille to fight dehydration.

Riders’ supplying by a visitor is forbidden on the track, but must be done on the relay area in the pit.

Houx campsite area
Registration fees include access to campsite spaces for teams. Campsite spaces are not reserved and will be taken by participants as they arrive.

Fires, barbecues, fireworks etc. are prohibited within the Bugatti circuit.

Toilet and shower facilities are available in the paddock and in the campsite.

The Houx campsite is equiped with power supplies. You must make sure to bring with you adapters and power strips.

For riders’ safety, other vehicles than the organisation’s are forbidden in the pit zone and the village. A parking lot called “Dépôt Minute” will allow you to drop off your equipment near the paddock entrance in a limited time.
A « Dépôt Minute » access will be delivered during the registration confirmation to each team. Drivers will have to show that access to be able to get their vehicle in the dropping area.

Pit equipment

A screen to follow the race.

Water and electricity: 2 electrical outlets of 220V and 6 three-phased adopted European standards (blue) in mono. NOTE: You must bring your own adapters and power strips.

Barriers located just behind your stands are available to drop off your bikes.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommanded to bring a lock.

Banners display
Each team is authorised to display one banner, it is to be fixed in or on your stand only on condition that your installation respects and does not deteriorate the circuit facilities. It falls within the organisation’s competence to remove the banners.
Authorised bikes and equipment

Authorised bikes: competition bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids equipped with disc brakes or skid brakes. A team is allowed to use different types of bikes.

Non-authorised bikes: Tandem, recumbent bikes, time-trial bikes, fixed-gear bikes, flexible bike (Bromptons bikes, Dahon curveb…), Handbike, custom bikes, monocycles, electric bike,spoke wheels and lenticular wheels.

Lighting: A red light (not turn signal) visible from behind will be set on the bike during night time.

Helmet (EU standards): It is mandatory for a rider to wear a carefuly fastened helmet (EU standards) when riding.

Bikes safety: Handlebar-end plugs and stuffed stem, no prominent part. Bar-end extensions and triathlon handlebars are unauthorized.

Vélo Handisport: Handcycles can be modified according to your needs. These modifications mainly concern brakes, gear change, drive and pedal cranks. However it must keep the appearance of a “right bike” and any changes must be in line with the competition regulations for handcycles as laid down by the FFC/UCI. 

Timing and ranking
The ranking will be updated laps after laps thanks to your team’s microchip.

The microchip will be the “baton” that the riders will transmit to eachother after each relay. Be careful to keep your microchip at your right ankle when passing on the timing control system in the relay area.

The ranking will be broadcast in real time on screens: one TV per box.

Relay and Pit lane
Your speed in the pits will be automatically controlled thanks to your chip. To ensure everyone’s safety you must respect the 20km/h maximum speed. Rider’s relay will take place on the pitlane, in front of your respective pit. A reminder will be made at the briefing!

Three lanes will be set:

1: “Arrival zone” for the competitor who finishes his outgoing relay: he gives his chip and comes back in his pit.

2: “Waiting zone” for the competitor entering: he waits to take his relay. There is no point waiting there too early!

3: “Departure zone” for the competitor entering: he starts his relay. 

Individual accident insurance

CGO subscribed a personal accident insurance contract for unlicensed competitors. This insurance is included in the registration fees. Details and guaranties are presented in the Le Mans Škoda 24 Hours Cycling Rules that every riders must have read.

Licensed contestants have a personal accident insurance through their Federation.

For additional guarantees, the Organizer invites contestants to contact their insurer or their broker, ACMANS. It is highly recommended that every participant check his insurance prior to the race.

Excess / Risks of fall
You must be careful on the track to avoid falls during the race. The effort is challenging and inequalities between participants are significant(soloist vs team or experienced vs novice). It is recommended for beginners to keep their right. The fasters must notify their arrival to the slowest and communicate with gesture or speech, especially while in a pack.

When mechanical problems or flat tire occur outside relay area and in the case that the rider cannot fix it from where he/she stands, the rider has to finish the lap (the right way up) to join the pit.

After a fall that requires medical-staff assistance, the race doctor has a right to deny the rider to resume the race for safety reasons.

Safety and first-aid

First-aid workers and medical staff are present on the venue. They are coordinated by a certified organization. Bugatti-Circuit’s official CCTV is also used during the race in addition to volunteers and motorcycle on the track.